Bereavement & Grief Counseling

Few things are more distressing than experiencing the loss of a loved one. It is normal to feel sadness, anger, depression, and anxiety among other intense or numbing feelings. At times these feelings can be overwhelming. The experience of loss is different for everyone but unrelenting feelings that linger can be a cue to seek bereavement and grief counseling. It’s normal to feel empty and sad and to wish for the one you lost to come back. Our grief counseling employs a variety of techniques to help with symptom management and coping with intense feelings. Grief commonly hits people long after the death of a loved one and the usual supports that are available immediately after a death are no longer there. We are there to support you when you need it – and we have the caring and expertise to help you through your difficult times.

How Can Grief Counseling Help?

It might seem easier to avoid the painful feelings but this can impact health and happiness and you may never get to come to terms with the loss. Where it becomes buried underneath so many other complicated rationalizations and feelings. It stays just as painful as it was when it first happened. It can result in emotional and physical illness. Healing occurs when you express and work through your feelings and the unique way that you feel them. It might sound hard and it is but it is the only thing that will help you to feel better and regain some footing in your life over time. One of our trained grief counselors / coaches can help you through this trying time. Grief is physically and emotionally exhausting. There are many parts to grief. You might not only grieve the loss of a person but also all of the dreams and plans you might have had together. It might also trigger past losses that you have experienced. Part of grieving is creating a separation from the one you lost, readjusting to life without him/her and beginning new relationships. Emotional energy needs to be turned to someone new when in the past it might have been turned to the one you lost. Bereavement and grief counseling can help you to accomplish this with concrete steps and exercises that are thought about and created for you specifically.